It’s 420 — Let’s Celebrate With 1050 Strips Of Bacon

For the stoners and weed connoisseurs out there, today is a day to buy an extra bag and burn one (or five) down. Invite some friends over, break out the ol’ vaporizer, and pass that shit to the left.

To everyone else, this is another day spent thinking weed causes hallucinations and and imagining pot smokers as Shaggy Rogers. Which really isn’t that bad. I mean, Shaggy got to hang out with a giant great dane and fight off pirate ghosts.

But most people celebrating today won’t be like Shaggy, they’ll be like this guy — spending $88 on a Whopper with extra bacon…

The video cuts off right before he goes to the bathroom and shits out a live pig. But it was totally worth it.

4/20 can do that to a man.

So if you’re celebrating the holiday, take a puff for us. We’ll be joining you along with millions of people around the world — taking pleasure in the finest of sticky icky, followed by brief moments of paranoia and uncontrollable munchies. Enjoy this. It’s all part of the magical experience…

Hey girl, ya hungry?!

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