Pizza Comedy’s 1st Annual Costume Contest

It’s the best time of year — you get to dress up, drink a lot, and eat tons of candy without giving a single fuck. And what better way to celebrate than by putting those skills to the test with a good ol’ fashioned Costume Contest!


Ultimate Fan Pack — A limited-edition green Pizza t-shirt, two beer koozies, and ghoulish batch of Pizza Comedy stickers.

2nd & 3rd Place:

Two beer koozies & some sweet Pizza Comedy stickers

The rules are simple: Dress up, have fun, and send in your best pictures. This contest is open to all our fans — so if you’re reading this, you could be a winner. Send your pics to!

>> Here’s some pics to get those creative juices flowing. BOO!!

**The last day we’ll accept entries is Tuesday, November 1st. Good luck!!

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