The 5 Worst Videogame Products Ever

Hey, it’s our first bottom five!

In the pre-Wii/PS3 days, if you tried selling kids things like motion control and 3D graphics, you’d have a nice collection of pissed-off 9-year-olds. Since 1986 we’ve been promised new advances in gaming that never do what they’re intended to do.

Motion controls? Please. Allow me to motion you the middle finger. These are the five crappiest videogame products of all time…

5. U-Force

The U-Force was a laptop-looking device that was supposed track your hand movement, except it didn’t. The one thing it did well was occasionally pressing the A button, and even that took effort.

22 years later, I realize the “A” button stood for “Amateur Hour”. If you’ve never heard of it, consider yourself lucky.

4. Sega Activator

Same idea, but now you can use your whole body to occasionally press the A button! What a value at $149.99!

Even these old talk show host can’t sell this piece of shit. And if you can’t sell something on ABC’s Home, then you might as well just give up on virtual life.

3. Power Glove

For the record: No, you can’t play Rad Racer this way, unless you enjoy watching your car stay in park.

My buddy had a Power Glove that we used to mess around with. I remember using the top of it like a controller and never actually wearing it. Either way, we looked pretty gay. And even worse, the Power Glove only worked with one game: Super Glove Ball. Which was pretty much 3D Pong.


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