Articles By: Jorge

Man Gets Lowest Score In Super Mario, Becomes Hero to Nerds Everywhere

No coins, no deaths…the amount of skill it takes to be this bad is seriously impressive…

“Baywatch” Gets Gloriously Remade…With Dogs

Barkwatch. The show we always needed…

Louis C.K. Does “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee”

One of our all-time favorite comedians talks comedy, sex and the blues numbers

Admit It, You’ve Always Wanted To Dance Like This

Proof that with enough beer, you can accomplish anything.

The Best Use for Natty Light

To anyone who said American Ingenuity is dead, this picture proves you wrong.

The Scariest* Movie You’ll See This Halloween

And by scary, I mean- alarmingly delightful

Pissed At Your Wife? This Will Make You Feel Better…

You could have married this gem.