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Airplane Pilot at the Drive Thru

Sometimes a pilot just needs ahhhhhhhhhhhh cheeseburger.

TV Reporter Quits On Air, Becomes My Personal Hero

Not sure what’s better: how she quits, that she does it for weed, or her news anchor’s baffled response

The Tonight Show Does “Family Feud”

Steve Harvey stops by to host a special Feud battle with The Roots, Jason Segel, and of course, Jimmy Fallon…

Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Video Sounds A Lot Better with Farts

Somehow, this actually makes the song sound less shitty

Joan Rivers, Thanks For All The Laughs…

I think a lot of people my age remember Joan Rivers as the red carpet joker-slinger…

Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge, FTW

All-around funnyman Chris Pratt truly takes the Ice Bucket Challenge to the next level…

If Michael Bay Directed “UP”

The only thing Pixar needed… more