“Arrested Development” Leaks First Photo from the New Set!

Dust off your stair-car and grab a frozen banana, it’s official! The cult comedy Arrested Development has began shooting today for their long-awaited 4th Season.

And the amazingness doesn’t stop there — Jason Bateman’s tweet from the first day of shooting features a bonus cameo by the dudes of Workaholics

Want the hell are they doing there? So many questions come to mind:

Are they trying to score some clean piss from George Michael? Is Lucille selling off some of her pills? Or are they just trying to get an over-the-pants HJ from Maeby??

Unfortunately, we’re just gonna have to wait and see. The ten new episodes will arrive fresh on Netflix in 2013. Until then, I’ll be practicing my illusions…

[via Twitter & Flickr]

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