The 5 Greatest NBA Moments of the 2011-2012 Season

Now that we’re a week into the playoffs, let’s take a look back at the best moments of this action-packed regular season. My apologies to hockey fans who are smack in the middle of their own playoffs — nobody cares about you.

5. Metta World Peace Knocks Out James Harden

This is what was going on in the head of the artist formerly known as Ron Artest:

“Golly gee, guys, what a fantastic dunk! Oh no…God, no — it’s happening again… RRRAAAUUURGHHHHH!!! Ron smash! RON SMASH!!!!!”

4. Stan Van Gundy + Dwight Howard = Awk-ward…

You can skip to 2:35 for the good stuff, but here’s the gist of it: Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy tells reporters he heard Dwight Howard wants him fired. During the interview, Dwight Howard walks in saying, basically, “Shut the hell up, Stan,” with the kind of swagger reserved for Mafia Dons. He then proceeds to deny everything.

A few weeks later, Dwight gets a herniated disk and is out for the season, which was his way of leaving the gun and taking the cannoli.

3. JaVale McGee, NBA’s LDP

KingKoltAir paints a perfect portrait of the NBA’s “LDP” (League’s Dumbest Player): JaVale McGee.

We also encourage you to play a drinking game with this video. Take a shot every time you see a typo.

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