When The Kings Win The Cup, We All Win

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s only hockey. But this is just too f*cking awesome.

Even if you’re not a hockey fan, you live for sports moments like this. A team with an incredible story (a #8 seed, who barely made it into the playoffs) playing record-breaking hockey (an unbelievable 16-4 playoff run) for a major city (if it can’t be NYC, we’ll sure as hell take it in LA).

It was the LA King’s first franchise win, but really, it’s a lot more than that. When you turned on the TV last night, and you saw a city united — cholos, geeky white people, nervous Jewish guys, and all kinds of ghetto trash, celebrating in the name of Lord Stanley.

A few months ago, the only “ice” these people were thinking about was crystal meth. But I’m proud to say, hockey finally has a place in LA.

For once, the gay-ass Lakers flags on people’s cars will be replaced by gay-ass Kings flags.

It might sound like a small victory, but believe me, it IS a victory.

And when the Devils go home to their armpit on the east, I hope they see these little, annoying flags. Let them serve as a reminder that the West Coast has got game, and that our sportsmanship is best displayed blowing in the wind.

I believe it was the philosopher Shaquille O’Neil who said it best, “Now that’s the difference between 1st and last place.” Step aside, Kobe. Devils, tell me how my ass tastes.

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