Fart Friday: The Danger Zone Fart

We’re proud to introduce a new weekly feature, where we’ll be promoting fart awareness and education. Each week, we’ll pick a new type of fart and define it out. This week, it’s the…

The Danger Zone Fart

1) A risky fart let go at a public restroom urinal, during which a man is trying the resist the urge to poop and just force out some pee. The Danger Zone Fart is often a gamble that is lost, in which case you are named “Goose”.

2) A fart released while watching the thrilling movie Top Gun.

ie – “I was at the urinal and I squeezed out a Danger Zone. Totally Goose’d and had to leave my unies in the stall.”


So if you’re feeling lucky, we encourage you to take a ride into the Danger Zone. There’s a lot of thrill involved, but you might just wind up the Maverick.

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