This Mashup of ‘Dinosaurs’ and Notorious BIG is Glorious

This definitely wins the internet today.

OK, I Really Want to Go to This Kid’s Bar Mitzvah

All I can say is… Mazel Tov, young stud.

Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Video Sounds A Lot Better with Farts

Somehow, this actually makes the song sound less shitty

Baby Gettin’ Down to Some 2Chainz

What do you do when your baby is crying? Well obvi- you blast some fucking Southern rap…

Chris Pratt + Dr. Dre = Wins the Internet

Now Chris Pratt’s rap has been synched up with the actual song. As if you weren’t impressed already…

The P.C.P. – Episode 12 (Part 2)

The PCP continues with our most gutter episode yet! Peeing ghosts, satin-filled panties, and some Hollywood trash you won’t believe…

Weird Al Gets “Tacky”

Needless to say, it makes me happy to see his weirdness back in full effect…