Dear Kids, This is Not How You Rap on TV

But it’s still very entertaining to watch…

Who Knew…a Cat and a Kid Singing “We Built This City” is Kinda Awesome

In case you wanna know what it’s like to be cheesing your f***ing brains out…

This Armadillo Gathering Leaves is the Best 15 Seconds of My Day

Dillo Jean is one smooth mofo.

Kentucky Principal Announces Snow Day via Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”…is Awesome

Now if I could only get my boss to cancel work like this

What Shitty Boy Bands Sound Like…Without Autotune

I don’t know what a One Direction is…but they’ve got the voice on an angel

Taylor Swift Attacked at the Grammys

I didn’t watch the Grammys, but thankfully there’s the internet to give me all the news I need…

The Workaholics’ Guys Absolutely Crushed this “Best Friends” Song

The Workaholics gang stops by Conan for an ode to BFFs.