Brian McKnight’s Just Wrote This New Song For Your Vajay-jay

Big music news this week — 90s R&B hitmaker Brian McKnight (famous for wholesome songs like “Love Is” and “One Last Cry“) is toying with the notion of making an adult mixtape.

Here’s a preview of his new song, which he calls “If You’re Ready To Learn”. I think that kindof under-sells it…

(song starts at :40)

Dude likes pussy. And he just wanted to show us how it works.

This has obviously stirred up a bit of controversy in social media and Twitter — mostly because McKnight has a squeaky clean, Christian-friendly image…and this is a song about making labias squirt. I mean, this would be like Luther Vandross singing about eating out your mom’s butt.

Sure — he can do it. But it’s not really what you’d expect from a guy who got famous singing about “praying for love”.

McKnight says the song was just a joke, but eventually gave in to public outcry and removed the video off YouTube. He then proceeded to post a series of pretty sad Tweets…

Aw man, now I feel bad.

We were just kidding, Brian. Please write some more songs about vaginas. I swear I’ll buy them.

Personally, I think the media hype is unfair. Sure, he committed the cardinal sin of R&B by singing about sex without covering it up with some other metaphor (like a rocket taking off or a butterfly spreading its wings). But who cares. People should just light up a candle, grab some massage oil, and enjoy this shit.

Who knows, it might just make you squirt.

[via Gawker]

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