The Beastie Boys’ Unreleased Performance on Chappelle’s Show

Last Friday, the world lost an amazing man and unbelievable musician in Adam “MCA” Yauch. The tributes and memorials over the last few days have been mind-blowing.

But by far, the coolest display to come out of this has been a lost performance of Licensed to Ill’s “The New Style”, which the Beasties performed on the ill-fated 3rd Season of Chappelle’s Show. It never aired, but over the weekend, Neal Brennan (the show’s co-creator) uploaded this performance to YouTube.

It’s fucking awesome.

(Apologies for the autoplaying video. Viacom keeps taking this down off of Youtube. And this is the only spot I could still find it. So watch it now. This won’t be up for very long…)

Amazing. Love seeing Chapelle standing right alongside them, giddy as hell. Nothing beats that show, and even moreso, nothing beats License To Ill.

Here’s one more bonus tribute — I want to hate it, but I just…can’t…

RIP MCA, you’re still the baddest Beastie around.

[image via The Chive]

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