The Rize Begins — Stream Tenacious D’s New Album for Free!

Just like Fenix, the D is f**king rising again!

Even better news — you don’t have to wait until the album comes out on May 15th to hear it. Rage Kage and Jables have made it available to stream on their site for f***ing FREE.

Click here, or on the playlist below to partake in musical history…

D fans — you’ll also be happy to know that, much like their first album, Fenix is loaded with comedy skits in between face-melting tracks. Check out “Flutes and Trombones” and “Classical Teacher”.

Get "Rize of the Fenix" Music Video!

But that’s not it, they’re Double Teaming you with freebies this week. You can also download their brand new music video for FREE on iTunes — like seriously, this just came out today. It’s not even on YouTube yet. And it’s free, right here.

I don’t know what we did to deserve all this awesomeness, but I’m inward singing my brains out right now. Just streamed the whole album and watched the video, and suffice to say — The D is back.

From the 80s montage ballad “To Be The Best” to the Mexican themed “Senorita, to even the filthiest Bruce Springsteen homage I’ve ever heard on “39”. Five fucking stars.

This is definitely a limited time deal all around — so get over there and blast that shit now.


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