Thursday Throwback: Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine!

I was fortunate enough to go to The Book of Mormon premiere last night in Hollywood, and holy shit — Matt Stone and Trey Parker have officially outdone themselves.

I’d heard stories about the pricey ticket mayhem in NYC and the shows being sold out for almost a year in advance. Now I know why. It’s offensive, raunchy, and blasphemous, while somehow also incredibly sweet. The songs are catchy, the laughs come a mile a minute, and hot damn, were there a lot of celebrities there last night (Parker Posey, Jason Alexander, Heather Graham, Bob Saget, John C. Reily…to name a few).

It was awesome. And then, as if a sign from above, we got this fan submission the same day. So I thought why the hell not, let’s do a holly holy throwback…


In addition to rocking New York City, Book of Mormon is now touring around the the country (and also opening in London). Do yourself a favor and get your ass to the show.

[props to Adam for the submission]

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