TV Reporter Quits On Air, Becomes My Personal Hero

Not sure what’s better: how she quits, that she does it for weed, or her news anchor’s baffled response

“Apparently” This Little Kid Should Be Given His Own Talk Show

He’s already smoother than Jimmy Fallon.

New Facebook Feature Scans Profile To Pinpoint Exactly When Things Went Wrong

Facebook has done it again…

In France, This is Important News

I had to watch that like 5 times, just to be sure.

News Reporter Calls UConn The “NAACP Champs”

Oh Fox News, you’ve done it again!

LA News Anchors Slightly Over-React During Earthquake. Only Slightly.

So a 4.4 magnitude earthquake struck LA this morning, and this is apparently what happened on the news…

Dear Kids, This is Not How You Rap on TV

But it’s still very entertaining to watch…