Baby Gettin’ Down to Some 2Chainz

Move over Baby Mozart, there’s a new sheriff in town…

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“Apparently” This Little Kid Should Be Given His Own Talk Show

He’s already smoother than Jimmy Fallon.

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Chris Pratt + Dr. Dre = Wins the Internet

Chris Pratt’s “Eminem cover rap” blew up on the internet yesterday, and now it’s been synched up with the actual song. As if you weren’t impressed already…

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Exclusive: Michael Bay Unveils Ninja Turtles’ CGI Genitals

In a Comic-Con Exclusive, super-producer Michael Bay gave fans a sneak peek of Ninja Turtles’ hyper-realistic CGI Genitals…

Pro tip: DEFINITELY use protection if you’re having sex with Shredder.

[props to miles for the find]

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The P.C.P. – Episode 12 (Part 2)

The PCP continues with our most gutter episode yet! Peeing ghosts, satin-filled panties, and some Hollywood trash you won’t believe…

We kick things off with the hot slang of “I Know Rap, People”, then get back to black in “Reel or Not Reel”, and shut it down with the fan-favorite “In The News”. And hey, Pizza’s wife even sticks around for the debauchery!

So listen below, or on iTunes! And if you missed it, check out PART 1 right here…


Here’s the lineup:
- Welcome Back!
- I Know Rap, People
— Satin On Your Panties
— My Grip
— Who-Ride
- Reel or Not Reel
- In The News: Ghost Writer Edition
- Outro

Wanna send us some mail? Hit us up at: pcp[at]

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Weird Al Gets “Tacky”

As a kid, I loved Weird Al. I was that fat little twerp who would listen to “Amish Paradise” on repeat, instead of the radio.

So needless to say, it makes me happy to see his weirdness back in full effect…

(ps – for anyone who remembers the Alapalooza album cover, it looked very similar to the thumbnail for this video.)

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Street Fighter: Drunk-Ass Russians Edition

Never underestimate the power of Vodkaman.

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