Airplane Pilot at the Drive Thru

Sometimes a pilot just needs ahhhhhhhhhhhh cheeseburger.

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TV Reporter Quits On Air, Becomes My Personal Hero

Not sure what’s better: how she quits, that she does it for weed, or her news anchor’s baffled response…

The only thing that could have made this better is if she dropped the mic.

[props to sweendogg for the find]

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The Tonight Show Does “Family Feud”

Steve Harvey stops by to host a special Feud battle with The Roots, Jason Segel, and of course, Jimmy Fallon. It’s a lot more entertaining than it sounds…

Sidenote — this studio audience doesn’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

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Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” Video Sounds A Lot Better with Farts

Somehow, this actually makes the song sound less shitty.

[props to grimes for the farty find]

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Joan Rivers, Thanks For All The Laughs…

I think a lot of people my age remember Joan Rivers as the red carpet joker-slinger… the chick who would rip you a new asshole, no matter how big of a celebrity you were.

And while she was amazing at that, I didn’t realize until a couple years ago just how prolific and influential she was as a comic. Specifically, as a female comic. She was not only Johnny Carson’s regular guest host on The Tonight Show, but she also was the first woman EVER to have her own late night talk show.

Here she is with Carson in ’86, reminiscing about their early careers — and being fucking hilarious as always…

Earlier this year, she returned to the Tonight Show after 49 years…

I’m not gonna pretend like I was a die-hard Joan fan my whole life, but one thing is for sure — if she was on TV, I would stop and watch it. And every single time, she would have me laughing ’til it hurt.

So thanks Joan, for pushing the envelope and keeping it hilariously real for 81+ years… Wherever you are, I hope you’re still ripping people a new one…

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Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge, FTW

Last week, Bill Gates awkwardly stepped up to the plate with his slo-mo “girls just want to have fun” version.

And now, funnyman Chris Pratt truly takes it to the next level…

That said, let’s hope this is the first and last time the Ice Bucket Challenge is mentioned on this site.

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If Michael Bay Directed “UP”

Spoiler alert: The fat kid is actually a transformer.

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