“Sharknado 2″ — Because Fuck It, Why Not

Once again, it looks like Tara Reid will be out-acted by the sharks.

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Leaked Star Wars Footage from Episode 7

I look forward to the re-re-issue of this leaked footage next month…

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“Mom’s Spaghetti” is the Eminem Track We’ve Always Wanted

Not gonna lie, I kinda want some spaghetti now.

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The P.C.P. – Episode 12 (Part 1)

The PCP doubles down with our most fully-loaded, estrogen-filled podcast yet!

Join us for a PCP first, as Pizza’s wife drops in for the brand new segment Shit My Wife Says — along with the notorious ringer Dead or Alive, and a supercharged “Marry/Fuck/Kill” edition of Would You Rather?

Seriously, the Steven Seagal segment in Would You Rather might be the funniest shit we’ve ever recorded. So get on it below, or on iTunes! And stay tuned for PART 2 coming next week!


Here’s the lineup:
- Welcome Back!
- Mailbag
- Would You Rather: Marry/Fuck/Kill Edition
— Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian
— Judi Dench, Liza Minnelli, and Barbra Streisand
— Tom Cruise, Al Gore, and Steven Seagal
- Shit My Wife Says
- Dead Or Alive: Cadyshack II Edition

Wanna send us some mail? Hit us up at: pcp[at]

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David Bowie & Mick Jagger’s “Dancing In The Street” is Better Without Music

This takes me back to a simpler time, when neon-colored pirate shirts and thinly-veiled man-love were all that really mattered…

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What Do You Poupon?

I poupon my wife’s mouth when she’s sleeping.

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The Most Entertaining “Britney Spears” Video You’ll See

This was surprisingly easy to masturbate to.

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