Surviving the Apocalypse: Incest Edition

If you’ve learned one thing from Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, it’s that brothers and sisters need to stick together.

Like, REALLY stick together…

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Big Mouth Kanye

From the Grammys, to your living room. You’re never alone with Big Mouth Kanye!

Seriously though, I’m getting my wife this for Valentine’s Day.

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“Saved By The Bell” Reunited and It Feels So Good

Not sure what’s more impressive: the fact that A.C. Slater refuses to age, or the strength of the buttons holding Mr. Belding’s suit together. But either way, this is a really sweet slice of Bayside nostalgia…

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Every 90’s Commercial Ever (NSFW)

Not gonna lie, even with all that — those Big Game Pizza Pigskins still look delicious.

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Katy Perry at a Job Interview

Left shark. Nailed it.

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A Prime Wedding

Who said you can’t buy love…

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These Football Players’ Names are F***ing Hilarious

Key & Peele are back with a special Super Bowl edition of their “East West Bowl” sketch. But enough jibber-jabbin’, let’s meet the players…

I’ve got $1500 on West taking it. No one is gonna stop my man J.R. Junior Juniors Jr.

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