Denzel In the House

There’s some new talent on SNL — I know that might be hard to swallow — but I’ll feed you little pieces, like a mother bird coughing up comedy worms into her little chicks mouth. *cough cough* I’m sorry, I think I just spit a little comedy in your mustache.

Mostly it’s this dude, Jay Roach, who does the most spot on Denzel Washington (and Will Smith, below) impressions I’ve ever seen. Even when he’s working the returns desk at Kohls, dude’s a mean mother(shutyomouth)…

And here’s an extra little bonus bit, I’m guessing this is a pre-SNL audition, where he does his Will Smith and more Denzel. Kinda pumped to see him play the Fresh Prince in a sketch. I love me some Will Smith…

I want a skinless pickle.

mega-props to drinkpants joe and seantee

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