“Mom’s Spaghetti” is the Eminem Track We’ve Always Wanted

Eminem has finally outdone himself…

David Bowie & Mick Jagger’s “Dancing In The Street” is Better Without Music

When you take out the music, all that’s left is pure Bow-gger…

What Do You Poupon?

I poupon my wife’s mouth when she’s sleeping.

The Disaster Movie (Done In One Take)

All that’s missing is a soundtrack by Aerosmith

New Facebook Feature Scans Profile To Pinpoint Exactly When Things Went Wrong

Facebook has done it again…

Hey, Pass Me A Beer!

Damn, now I’m thirsty.

Game Of Thrones: Deleted PIZZA!! Scene

Khaleesi doesn’t just free entire cities of slaves, she also throws one hell of a pizza party…