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If Only NASCAR Was This Good

Looks like there’s trouble under the hood…

Women’s Butts Make Excellent Percussion Instruments (NSFW)

While you are out buying flowers and chocolates today, just remember…

On Small Step For Womankind

On behalf of all of us, we thank you for your service.

Breaking Up Stinks

No seriously jk. But what are you up to friday night? My butthole could use some attention.

This Halloween, Show Your Neighbors Some Love

Careful, honey…looks like it’s gonna be a full moon tonight.

“Skinja” is the Stripper-Ninja Movie You’ve Always Dreamed About

She won’t stop until she’s defeated her mortal enemy: Gonorrhea.

Who Wants Some Wine? I Made It Myself

The fermenting process was surprisingly quick — it only took 3 hours and a bucket of KFC to produce this.