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This Mashup of ‘Dinosaurs’ and Notorious BIG is Glorious

This definitely wins the internet today.

OK, I Really Want to Go to This Kid’s Bar Mitzvah

All I can say is… Mazel Tov, young stud.

TV Reporter Quits On Air, Becomes My Personal Hero

Not sure what’s better: how she quits, that she does it for weed, or her news anchor’s baffled response

Chris Pratt + Dr. Dre = Wins the Internet

Now Chris Pratt’s rap has been synched up with the actual song. As if you weren’t impressed already…

Well… That’s One Way To Put On Your Pants

Straight up talent.

“Jurassic Goat” is Everything You Want It To Be

The Jurassic Park theme song gets a beautiful goatlift….

What the WiFi Goes Down…

What will you do when disaster strikes?