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Another Casualty of Chuck

You don’t wanna see what happens when he busts a nut…

This Movie Needs To Happen

Sorry Liam, shit just got real

Chuck Norris: The Movie

This movie has already crushed every box office record, and it hasn’t even come out yet.

PS – The Fence Was Made Out Of Kryptonite

It was a blessing and a curse — when he got to third base with his girlfriend, he ripped her in half.

Chuck Norris Takes On Pacman

And when he was done, he shit out a pretzel. That’s an extra 700 points.

RIP, the Most Interesting Man In The World

And Chuck Norris doesn’t always serve beer in a dress, but when he does, he prefers to serve it with a side of neck breaking.

It’s Science

Einsteinium, eat your heart out.