Emma Stone’s Love for The Spice Girls is FIERCE

Emma Stone’s Love for The Spice Girls is FIERCE

Apparently, Emma Stone has a weird obsession with the Spice Girls. And Graham Norton had quite the “surprise” for her…

Drunk Guy vs. Metal Fence

Drunk Guy vs. Metal Fence

One of the most touching pieces I’ve seen on YouTube…

Mark Wahlberg’s Inner Monologe

Mark Wahlberg’s Inner Monologe

Some genius used Vine to show what it’s like when Mark Wahlberg does stuff around the house…

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iPhone Introduces…The Male Version of Siri

This phone functions particularly well on vibrate.

The New iPhone 5S

It’s so much newer or whatever. Just buy it.

Your Phone Got Wet?


Damn, You Got Her Number??

And with that text began the start of a beautiful bromance.

Sarah Silverman’s Dirty iPhone Trick

Looking to steal the show on Thanksgiving? This party trick will put a smile on all your guests’ lips…

Breaking Up Stinks

No seriously jk. But what are you up to friday night? My butthole could use some attention.

Bill Burr’s Not Buying the Steve Jobs Hype

Stand-up legend Bill Burr stops by Conan to call out Apple’s old honcho…