Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge, FTW

Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge, FTW

All-around funnyman Chris Pratt truly takes the Ice Bucket Challenge to the next level…

If Michael Bay Directed “UP”

If Michael Bay Directed “UP”

The only thing Pixar needed… more

Sooo… Cats Are Pretty Much Velociraptors

Sooo… Cats Are Pretty Much Velociraptors

This is my nightmare.

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Baby Gettin’ Down to Some 2Chainz

What do you do when your baby is crying? Well obvi- you blast some fucking Southern rap…

“Apparently” This Little Kid Should Be Given His Own Talk Show

He’s already smoother than Jimmy Fallon.

Just a Guy that Scares the Shit Out of His Dad…Every Dad

And you thought YOUR kids were a pain in the ass

Tell Me All the Bad Words You Know…

More parents should be asking their kids important questions like this…

Who Knew…a Cat and a Kid Singing “We Built This City” is Kinda Awesome

In case you wanna know what it’s like to be cheesing your f***ing brains out…

Hey Kids, I Ate All Your Halloween Candy (2013 Edition)

Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to ruin their child’s dreams and tell them their candy is all gone. It’s hilarious, as always.

The LEGOS Movie is a Real Thing…And It’s Glorious

I don’t give a shit how old I am, I still need to see this