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OK, I Really Want to Go to This Kid’s Bar Mitzvah

All I can say is… Mazel Tov, young stud.

Baby Gettin’ Down to Some 2Chainz

What do you do when your baby is crying? Well obvi- you blast some fucking Southern rap…

“Apparently” This Little Kid Should Be Given His Own Talk Show

He’s already smoother than Jimmy Fallon.

Just a Guy that Scares the Shit Out of His Dad…Every Dad

And you thought YOUR kids were a pain in the ass

Tell Me All the Bad Words You Know…

More parents should be asking their kids important questions like this…

Who Knew…a Cat and a Kid Singing “We Built This City” is Kinda Awesome

In case you wanna know what it’s like to be cheesing your f***ing brains out…

Hey Kids, I Ate All Your Halloween Candy (2013 Edition)

Jimmy Kimmel asks parents to ruin their child’s dreams and tell them their candy is all gone. It’s hilarious, as always.