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How Did The Photoshoot Go?

The first day of modeling is hard.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Really Knows It’s Market

And by market, we mean men who don’t know there’s free porn on the internet

Russians Know How To Sell Cars (NSFW)

Tired of seeing car commercials with too much car and not enough cleavage?

Sexy Models Beat the Crap Out of Office Furniture

This is supposed to be an homage to “Office Space”, except instead of Michael Bolton, there’s now titty sprinkles…

Girls of the Internet Aren’t Want They Used To Be (NSFW)

In the 90s, girls only used the internet for music making and making erotic fantasies. I long to go back to those simpler times…

Sex Roleplaying with Game of Thrones (NSFW)

Taking fantasy roleplaying to a whole new level…

I Bet You Wish You Spent Easter With Kate Upon

Hope you all had a great Easter. If you didn’t, or you’re Jewish or something, here’s Kate Upton to resurrect those feelings of joy…