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The Oscars with Pugs

The Academy Award nominees for Best Picture (2015), recreated by two pugs…

If Michael Bay Directed “UP”

The only thing Pixar needed… more

Exclusive: Michael Bay Unveils Ninja Turtles’ CGI Genitals

In a Comic-Con Exclusive, Michael Bay gave fans a sneak peek of Ninja Turtles’ hyper-realistic CGI Genitals

The P.C.P. – Episode 12 (Part 2)

The PCP continues with our most gutter episode yet! Peeing ghosts, satin-filled panties, and some Hollywood trash you won’t believe…

The Disaster Movie (Done In One Take)

All that’s missing is a soundtrack by Aerosmith

The P.C.P. – Episode 11

It’s a Southern-fried dose of PCP! Fast food brawls, absurdly tall celebrities, and of course, the illusive Anus Magillicutty…

Leslie Nielsen’s 25 Funniest Quotes from the “Naked Gun” Movies

I think I learned more from Lt. Frank Drebin than I did from 4 years of college. Take it away, Poopypants…