Emma Stone’s Love for The Spice Girls is FIERCE

Emma Stone’s Love for The Spice Girls is FIERCE

Apparently, Emma Stone has a weird obsession with the Spice Girls. And Graham Norton had quite the “surprise” for her…

Drunk Guy vs. Metal Fence

Drunk Guy vs. Metal Fence

One of the most touching pieces I’ve seen on YouTube…

Mark Wahlberg’s Inner Monologe

Mark Wahlberg’s Inner Monologe

Some genius used Vine to show what it’s like when Mark Wahlberg does stuff around the house…

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So, How Was Your Prom?

The night was going perfect…until David turned to the Dark Side.

Damnit, Mom. That is NOT Cool!

Condoms don’t work 100% of the time. For protection you can trust, always use the Mom Hand.

You’ll Always Remember Your Date To The Prom

In this case, her name was Forever Alone.

Porn, Meet Prom

A senior high school prom in Miami took place right next to a huge Porn convention. And for one boy, it was the greatest day of his life…

Would You Like Prom With That?

If yes, get diarrhea.

Who Are You Bringing To Prom?

The villagers tried to fight her off with wooden steaks, but it only made her hungrier.

Cool Hair!

A perfect haircut for a perfect first date.