Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge, FTW

Chris Pratt’s Ice Bucket Challenge, FTW

All-around funnyman Chris Pratt truly takes the Ice Bucket Challenge to the next level…

If Michael Bay Directed “UP”

If Michael Bay Directed “UP”

The only thing Pixar needed… more

Sooo… Cats Are Pretty Much Velociraptors

Sooo… Cats Are Pretty Much Velociraptors

This is my nightmare.

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News Reporter Calls UConn The “NAACP Champs”

Oh Fox News, you’ve done it again!

Hockey Fights Are On A Whole Different Level

Make sure you stick around for the end…

Hockey Hair Sports Commentary…Need I Say More

Thankfully, this man has taken the time to rank the best hair — from flow, to burns, to the illusive Double Tailpipe…

Speed Skating + Mario Kart = Olympic Gold

So let’s close out this #Sochi2014 chapter with one last Olympic vid. And don’t worry, we saved the best for last…

Star Wars Invades Sochi

Well, there goes Tatooine’s 2018 Olympic bid.

The Full Footage from the Red Bull Stratos Jump

RedBull and GoPro have released the full, amazing HD footage from Felix Baumgartner’s stratospheric jump…

Who Needs the Super Bowl When You Got Ski Ballet?

For me, the best part of the Super Bowl is drinking Bud Heavys and shoving as many chicken wings into my face as possible…