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Leaf Blowers and Toilet Paper Make For A Good Prank

As far as boyfriend-girlfriend pranks go, this one really blows…

Roommate Magic

Hmm, seems like a lot of work. I think I’ll stick with my Disappearing Beer-in-the-Fridge Act.

It’s All About Amenities

And believe me, if you eat any of their bar food — you’re gonna need it.


Sorry pal, your situation is about to get a lot shittier.

Turn Your Twitter Feed Into Toilet Paper

This brilliant idea allows you to take all your useless tweets and literally wipe your ass with them. It’s called Shitter.

This Is You On St. Patrick’s Day

You might wanna take that TP off your shoe. Otherwise, things could get embarrassing

Someone Finally Found A Good Use For Twilight

No thanks. I think I’ll just use my socks.