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OK, I Really Want to Go to This Kid’s Bar Mitzvah

All I can say is… Mazel Tov, young stud.

Every 90’s Commercial Ever (NSFW)

This pretty much sums it up

Nancy Grace Just Wants to Have An Intelligent Conversation About Weed (<–Sarcasm)

I never thought I’d see the day where rapper 2 Chainz was the calm, eloquent voice of reason. But here it is

Well… That’s One Way To Put On Your Pants

Straight up talent.

“Jurassic Goat” is Everything You Want It To Be

The Jurassic Park theme song gets a beautiful goatlift….

Leaked Star Wars Footage from Episode 7

I look forward to the re-re-issue of this leaked footage next month

This May Go Down in History as the Best Arrest Ever

In Australia, people get arrested with an eloquence we don’t normally see in the States…