The P.C.P. – Episode 12 (Part 2)

The P.C.P. – Episode 12 (Part 2)

The PCP continues with our most gutter episode yet! Peeing ghosts, satin-filled panties, and some Hollywood trash you won’t believe…

Weird Al Gets “Tacky”

Weird Al Gets “Tacky”

Needless to say, it makes me happy to see his weirdness back in full effect…

Street Fighter: Drunk-Ass Russians Edition

Street Fighter: Drunk-Ass Russians Edition

Never underestimate the power of Vodkaman…

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Well… That’s One Way To Put On Your Pants

Straight up talent.

“Jurassic Goat” is Everything You Want It To Be

The Jurassic Park theme song gets a beautiful goatlift….

Leaked Star Wars Footage from Episode 7

I look forward to the re-re-issue of this leaked footage next month

This May Go Down in History as the Best Arrest Ever

In Australia, people get arrested with an eloquence we don’t normally see in the States…

Needs a Bit More Keyboard Cat

This cat just wins.

Find Your “Conception Song” with PorkTrack

Life is full of tough questions, like– what song did my parents listen to when I was conceived

Cattle Auctioneer is a Rap Star, and He Doesn’t Even Know It…

Look for his mixtape, dropping at your local farmer’s market