MONDAY MATCHUP: A Christmas Story vs. Christmas Vacation

This week, two movies that define the holiday season go head-to-head. Clark Griswold and his quest for the perfect family Christmas against Ralphie and his quest for the ever-illusive Red Ryder BB Gun.

So is it the old-school feel of Ralphie and his leg lamp, or the new-school family tidings of Uncle Eddie and his full shitter? This holiday, you decide…

– A Christmas Story –

It’s played on 24-hour loop every Christmas for a reason. A Christmas Story gives us that view of Christmas through the eyes of a hilarious, porky kid. Licking flagpoles, staring at leg lamps, saying the F-word and getting your mouth washed out with soap…it’s the kind of yule tide crap we all grew up with.

But be careful, you might shoot your eye out…

– Christmas Vacation –

Clark Griswold shows us the true meaning of Christmas here — trying to survive the holiday with your in-laws. The disapproving parents, crazy cousin Eddie, and of course, Aunt Bethany (“Is Rusty still in the navy?!”)…if this doesn’t remind you of your family, then consider yourself lucky.

This Christmas classic has it all: squirrels in trees, exploding cats, and mirages of naked girls in swimming pools. Not to mention one of the greatest flip out speeches of all time…

So who gets your vote? Let us know here:

A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation?

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